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Tree Chipping Service 
In Mt Gambier and Limestone Coast

At EDI Tree and Garden, we're proud to offer excellent chipping services in the Mt Gambier and limestone region for your tree needs. Our special machines turn tree parts into wood chips that are great for your yard. Whether you want to recycle tree waste or make your garden look better, our chipping services are the eco-friendly choice. We're here to help you have a cleaner and greener outdoor space


If you’re looking for a local tree chipping company in Mt Gambier and the Limestone Coast, then EDI Tree and Garden are the people to call. We provide high quality services that will help you get rid of your backyard trees and branches in no time at all.


Our team provides fast, efficient service so that you can quickly remove any unwanted trees from your property without having to worry about them cluttering up your yard.


All of our work is carried out by experienced professionals who have years of experience in this field. They know exactly what they’re doing when it comes to tree removal and we guarantee that they won’t leave behind a big mess after they finish their job!

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